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View of an OK Falls Vineyard
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Our Wineries

Okanagan Falls is the home of many delicious and award-winning wines. 


Over tens of thousands of years a series of glaciers, up to 3 kilometres thick, carved a great valley out the of mountains that we now call the Okanagan.


Our region of the South Okanagan is a unique climatic zone known as a semi-arid steppe, the final stage of a desert area that extends up from the United States. Along with that comes long warm days and cool nights that retain the acidity in the grapes and helps shape their distinctive character and flavours.

Wine Tour Map

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Black Dog Cellars

Black Dog Cellars is hidden above Skaha Lake in the South Okanagan region of British Columbia.


This is where we transform carefully nurtured grapes and fruits into opulent Wines and Ports.

Our boutique winery may be small, but we are dedicated to producing only the highest quality wines  at affordable prices.

Blasted Church

The vines at Blasted Church grow on sloping plateau above the eastern shore of Skaha Lake. From the windswept hilltop where the wineshop is situated, there are picture postcard views across the lake to the village of Kaleden on the western shore. The vines grow on sandy loam; the good mix of sand and clay give the soils good water-holding capacity. The winery makes its own compost, adding it to give the vineyard more organic matter

Bonamici Cellars

Discover Bonamici Wines – handcrafted, Italian-inspired wines. A trip worth making, a risk worth taking, but now know that you’ve arrived!

Bonamici – Italian for “good friends” is about celebrating and enjoying life’s moments with family and friends over great wine and delicious food together around the table. 

Code Wines

We are farmers, owners and wine makers. Or as the French say, vignerons.  Farming heritage runs deep in our genes.  


Our ancestors farmed in Ireland and brought their craft to Canada to establish prairie homesteads.  Shay grew up working on his family farm in Saskatchewan and wanted to eventually return to the land.

Farm Gate Winery

The Game Farm may be gone these days, but this treasured piece of the Okanagan’s agricultural history has been lovingly restored and renovated by the Smits family, who are themselves important pioneers in the birth of the Okanagan’s wine scene. And truly nothing could embrace the Okanagan spirit better than a winery that’s also a fruit stand.

Heidi's Vineyard

Heidi’s Peak Vinyeard, located south of Okanagan Falls is a 12.75 acre property with 7.5 acres of established vineyard. Heidi Lorch is the owner, farmer, entrepreneur. The established vineyard was purchased in 2019 with the goal of improving yields, irrigation water use, soil organic levels while producing a sustainable quality crop of wine grapes.

Liquidity Wines

Based in Okanagan Falls, the Heart of Wine Country™, Liquidity offers an artisan approach to winemaking - taking you on a journey of the senses that captures the art of winemaking from grape to glass in a stunning space with incredible views. Time is spent enjoying these finer things in life, while in the vineyard care is taken to carefully hand-harvest the best fruit and artfully blend them into fine wines.

Meyer Family Vineyards

Meyer Family Vineyards wines are produced from two main vineyards, the 1.62-hectare “Old Main Road” vineyard on the Naramata Bench and the 6.9-hectare “McLean Creek Road” vineyard in Okanagan Falls. We also work with passionate quality-minded growers in Kaleden and the East Kelowna area to round out our portfolio of terroir-driven wines.

Nighthawk Winery

This truly is a magical destination, with a distinctive terroir that contributes to some of the finest grape growing conditions, and if you’re lucky, you may see the nighthawks soaring above 


Exceptional hand crafted wines and a personal experience keeps wine lovers coming back. 

Painted Rock Estate Winery

Painted Rock began with John and Trish Skinner’s belief that the Okanagan Valley had enormous, largely unrealized, potential. While the area was long known for producing some of the world’s finest fruit, it was the wines produced from the 1980’s “Vinifera Program” (where vineyards were paid to remove high producing, inferior hybrids and plant vinifera) that convinced the Skinner’s that the Okanagan would one day be an internationally recognized wine region.

Pentage Winery

It started out as a mini-weekend get-away to the Okanagan and the weekend turned into a real estate quest when we happened to stumble upon 4400 Lakeside Road.  At that time the property was an abandoned orchard – “it had everything right wrong with it” said Paul. With his vision and immense passion…..the dream started to unfold.  The land was contoured in 1996 and Spring of 1997 our Vista Ridge Vineyard was planted.  Our first vintage was a small lot of 1999 Syrah and the rest is history…

Rigour & Whimsy

Rigour & Whimsy is owned by husband and wife team Costa & Jody Gavaris. They currently focus on amber or orange wines as well as Gamay and Syrah.


The name Rigour & Whimsy is an homage to their shared commitment to seeking balance in themselves, in their relationships, and in the natural world. Like yin and yang, Rigour and Whimsy are seemingly contrary attitudes that are actually complementary and interdependent. Both are necessary to find harmony.

Skaha Vineyard

Perched above Skaha Lake, in Kaleden, BC, SKAHA Vineyard @ Krāzē Legz Winery is a small, family owned boutique winery celebrated for a one-of-a-kind location and micro climate.

The unique location contains shale and sandstone sediments, plant fossils and coal layers deposited by a
large paleo-river system that was active 50 Million years ago. 

Synchromesh Wines

We are a boutique, family run winery that focusses on exploring our unique and complex vineyard blocks through the lens of Riesling and Cabernet Franc. We farm over 30 acres of vines ranging from the North end of Naramata to the Golden Mile in Oliver with the bulk of our vineyards situated on 107 acres in Okanagan Falls.

Black Market Wine Co.

Situated on a bench overlooking Skaha Lake in the quaint hamlet of Kaleden, Black Market Wine Co. crafts distinctive small-lot wines. Our family-run boutique winery is completely dedicated to producing premium wines that showcase the uniqueness and diversity of our small slice of paradise: the Okanagan Valley.

Blue Mountain Vineyard

Blue Mountain is the wild and respected territory of which the Mavety family are blessed to be the guardians.


As a family business with a strong connection to the South Okanagan site, the goal of Blue Mountain Vineyard and Cellars is to realize the potential of the individual sites of the land in which the grapes are grown.

Crescent Hill Winery

Our story begins with Tysha’s grandfather, Glennallyn, and his vine collecting hobby that created his vision for the very first vineyard in Penticton. By smuggling 100% pure clones from Europe in his now infamous suitcase, he brought his family a gift of beautiful, high-quality grapes, for the burgeoning Okanagan wine culture.


Today, the rich histories of both vine root and family have created our stand-alone Okanagan wine experience, where you can enjoy our unique, award-winning wines, right here in the Okanagan Valley.

Echo Bay Vineyards

When the Kenyon’s bought the property in 1967, the former owners had torn out an aging apple orchard and the land was left fallow. 


In 2013 their daughter Kathy and her husband Mark Rufiange felt that they had the time and energy to plant a vineyard in their retirement, and her brothers supported them. Kathy and Mark’s daughter, Kelsey, took a keen interest. 

Gold Hill Winery

Painted Rock began with John and Trish Skinner’s belief that the Okanagan Valley had enormous, largely unrealized, potential. While the area was long known for producing some of the world’s finest fruit, it was the wines produced from the 1980’s “Vinifera Program” (where vineyards were paid to remove high producing, inferior hybrids and plant vinifera) that convinced the Skinner’s that the Okanagan would one day be an internationally recognized wine region.

Lakeboat Winery

Nestled in the charming village of Kaleden, BC, we are very excited to be a part of a pioneering movement which defines the unique sense of place evident in the wines of this region. 

With our neighbours in this established farming community, we combine efforts to bring you the wonderful flavours, textures and inspiration that our vineyards proudly grow.

Mayhem Wines

Sister Terry and  brother JAK have been involved in each other’s lives for all their life. Why not spill over into business? And this time they dragged their spouses, Andrew Stone and Janice Stevens along with them.  If that’s not a recipe for Mayhem, we don’t know what is!

Some of the oldest vines of Gewurztraminer are planted here in a south-west orientation. These vines were planted in 1994 from cuttings of a German variety.

Montakarn Winery

Montakarn Estate Winery is a winery just south of Okanagan Falls. We are nestled in one of the most beautiful valleys in all of Canada. Who knows — you might just see some deer or even the storied California Bighorn Sheep when you visit!

Montakarn is run by Gary Misson and his wife, Monty. Gary spent many years at sea on ice breakers in the north and in BC’s coastal waters hauling log booms before buying the property that would become Montakarn Estate Winery.

Noble Ridge Vineyard & Winery

The winery is named for the noble varieties of grapes grown and the ridge that divides the land on which they thrive. But this noble name is more than just a nod to the land and the noble grapes. It’s a statement of values. A goal. A reminder of the hard work and dedication on which the winery was built. And every day the goal is to create exceptional wine that reflects its noble namesake.

Play Estate Winery

At Play and newly created Sonetto Italian Restaurant, we embrace our roles to both entertain and educate, while providing a genuine customer experience. Our mission is to create a mini escape from day-to-day life, highlighting exquisite Italian cuisine, extraordinary wines, and a majestic unobstructed world class view of the Skaha Lakes s surrounding mountains.

Plot Wines

Plot Wines is a small winery in the Okanagan Valley created by vigneron Kevin Rossion, and creative Adam Kereliuk. 


Our name is a nod to our approach of sourcing an ever-changing roster of fruit from small plots of land – from our neighbours and partner growers across the valley.

See Ya Later Ranch

A century of stories that began the day Major Hugh Fraser planted those first vines.

The wines of See Ya Later Ranch celebrate the lively legacy of Major Hugh Fraser, a colourful character who purchased the property high above the Okanagan Valley in 1920. He planted vines and seeded a legend.

Stag's Hollow

Always innovative, with a spirit to be unique and push the limits of both grape growing and winemaking in the Okanagan, the team at Stag's Hollow has researched and sought out grapes, both new and old, suited to the area soils and microclimate. These include Tempranillo and Albariño from Spain, and Dolcetto and Teroldego from Italy. These unique varietal wines offer a new tasting experience for the Okanagan wine lover.

Wild Goose Vineyard & Winery

It all began in early 1983 when founder Adolf Kruger purchased a promising piece of land east of Okanagan Falls. Upon his return to his newly-purchased property he discovered a large flock of Canada geese feeding amongst the local flora on the rocky terrain. As he approached, the flock of geese took flight. This vision inspired Adolf to call the property Wild Goose Vineyards.

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The Heart of Wine Country

With Okanagan Falls at its heart, vineyards stretch Northwards along the East Bench of Skaha Lake and across the water to Kaleden and then South over rolling hills above Vaseux Lake.

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